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White Blood Cells

Five Ways to Increase White Blood Cell Count with TCM

October 2, 2017 / Comments Off on Five Ways to Increase White Blood Cell Count with TCM

Leukopenia is a term used when there are less than adequate white blood cells in the bloodstream. This condition may make those suffering from it susceptible to infections. Leukopenia is often seen in diseases such as AIDS, cancer and lupus, as well as in common occurrences like the flu or a cold. Leukopenia can also…

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Singing Bowl

Ssshhhh: Organ Sound Vibration

August 21, 2017 / Comments Off on Ssshhhh: Organ Sound Vibration

Did you know shushing someone might actually may be beneficial to your health? There are six healing sounds known to Taoist qi gong practice that vibrate specific organs and promote emotional and physical well-being. It has been shown sound vibrations promote healing and provide a type of massage to the organs. Six main organs that…

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Fermented Foods and Intestinal Health

July 17, 2017 / Comments Off on Fermented Foods and Intestinal Health

The modern world is changing every single day. Because of this constant state of change, our bodies are frequently having to adjust. We have a food supply being degraded and depleted of nutritional content, which in turn, causes our bodies to become depleted. Our soil and water is contaminated with antibiotics and deadly fertilizers. All…

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Are Your Eyes Red or Inflamed?

July 3, 2017 / Comments Off on Are Your Eyes Red or Inflamed?

In the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver energy flows upward into the eyes. When this energy is flowing smoothly and working as it should, your vision is clear and sharp, you have efficient night vision and the eyes are bright and well-lubricated. When out of balance, the liver can generate heat that rises…

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IBS: Relief with Traditional Chinese Medicine

June 5, 2017 / Comments Off on IBS: Relief with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, otherwise known as “spastic colon,” is a common disorder that affects the colon and causes many disruptive symptoms. Many of these symptoms can be managed with a simple change in diet and lifestyle. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture may be able to help.

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All About Moxibustion

March 6, 2017 / Comments Off on All About Moxibustion

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a medical system that incorporates numerous methods for treating disease and illness. One of the tools found in the toolbox of the TCM practitioner is known as moxibustion. Moxibustion is a technique that involves the burning of mugwort, known as moxa, which is an herb that facilitates healing. The purpose of…

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Cloud shaped in a heart

Heart Afire: The Fire Element

February 20, 2017 / Comments Off on Heart Afire: The Fire Element

The organs in Chinese medicine are more than just a physical representation. The organs include not only their physiological function, but also their mental, emotional, spiritual and elemental qualities that align with nature and the seasons. Let’s explore the heart. The heart season is summer, and heart is considered the most yang: hot, bountiful and…

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Heart shape in a bush

Valentine’s Day, TCM and Heart Health

February 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Valentine’s Day, TCM and Heart Health

Every February men all over the world flock to the local flower shops and jewelry stores in search of the perfect bouquet or piece of jewelry to express their undying love to their significant other. Why?  Nobody knows for certain, but there are at least a couple of theories. One theory is a Catholic priest,…

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