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Month: December 2012

Thank you in a lot of different languages

The Pessimist’s Guide to Gratitude

December 24, 2012 / Comments Off on The Pessimist’s Guide to Gratitude

Your mother was right–say thank you. Scientists have now proven what your mother always knew–it’s good to be grateful.  Being grateful is more than just politeness; it’s actually good for your health and well-being. In a study by Robert A. Emmons, of the University of California, and Davis and Michael E. McCullough, of the University…

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peanut butter cookies

9 Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

December 10, 2012 / Comments Off on 9 Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

Pie.  Cookies.  Chocolate.  Eggnog.  Champagne. The holiday season is filled with good foods.  You eat and drink with your friends and loved ones to celebrate how much you care about them. But we all know that too much of a good thing is no longer good.  Too many rich foods can lead to extra pounds,…

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