I am so grateful for the healing, compassion, and wise advice you gave me. It has made me realize that I want to find a more holistic western med doctor/PCP so that over time, I can get off of some of my medications and live a healthy life in a more natural way.

Kyla has taken care of me for the last three and a half years at which time I had just had a mastectomy on my left breast.  This was my third cancer. . .the first two cancers left me in quite a weakened state due to the hard chemos and radiation treatments.  There is no post-chemo help in the medical establishment so I took the choice of acupuncture to help me with the energy loss and physical weakness I had already had for years. Kyla has worked at opening up the blocked energy channels allowing the energy to travel throughout my body.  She is working on the "dryness" which the chemos produced throughout my body, as well as the side effects of my many prescriptions I now take for heart failure--a side effect of my chemos and radiation.   I am incredibly pain free, very active in my hobbies, and happy, happy, happy at 70 years of age.  She makes me "feel good."  Dorine

This is my third week going to Kyla. Since the first day, I have been feeling more relaxed, more focus, refreshed, and with more energy. I have also found myself more optimistic, with a more positive view of life, which has really surprised me since I am flying overseas soon and that really stresses me out. This is a bonus I was not expecting.

I also like the fact that Kyla takes the time to email me additional articles and nutrition recommendations. I highly recommend her. I honestly think acupuncture is helping me and I can't wait to see more positive results.

Coming to Kyla for regular acupuncture has dramatically changed my life. I have suffered from severe anxiety my entire life, and until I started seeing Kyla nothing, apart from taking Xanax daily, was helping. I have now been panic attack free for almost a year! I have also always had a fear of flying, needing to take Xanax to get through even the shortest of flights. Now, I rarely, if ever, have to take medicine to get me through flights, which is something I never thought I would be able to do!

As I prepare for an ultra athletic event - 100 Miles Himalayan Run, I wanted to get into the best possible shape – No aches or pains! Recommended by a friend I went in to see Kyla Boles at Urban Acupuncture. Kyla really took the time to understand my lifestyle at a holistic level before starting treatment – goals, diet, and daily activity. With the acupuncture & cupping therapy combined with dietary recommendations the results were immediate and lasting. I recommend Kyla’s treatment over any deep tissue/sports massages without a doubt , she is exceptionally talented and I highly recommend seeing her.

“I have searched for an acupuncturist for many years now, trying to find the right match of intuition and skill. I feel taken care of at Urban Acupuncture, and I am truly using the sessions preventatively in my healthcare. I've seen a remarkable shift in my body and mind since receiving these treatments. I recommend it whole-heartedly.” - Taylor H.

Kyla has given me such a gift with her recommendation of Standard Process’ Cleanse. It has just been a week, but I feel renewed with better sleep, better energy and lighter and more positive view of life. She is thoughtful and holistic. She is a patient listener and always seems to know where I am at and how to get me to where I want to me. I highly recommend her.

“I went to Kyla because I had some energy issues - I was feeling lethargic and a loss of purpose. The process was very comfortable - there was a slight pain when the needles were inserted, but I hardly felt most of them. She does wonderful calming things as well, like a heat lamp to keep your body warm, a neck pillow and aromatherapy. I was tired afterwards, but the next day I felt clearer than I have in months.” - Lilah B.

“I decided to try acupuncture when all other attempts to improve my Plantar Fasciitis had failed. I committed to a series of sessions, and I am pleased to report that I am able to run PAIN FREE again after two years of laying off. I am grateful for Kyla's continued care of this injury but also her commitment to my overall health.” - Keenan W.

“As a constant sufferer of migraines, I've been searching for an alternative to drugs that mask the pain rather than understanding it & what causes it. I wanted a more holistic approach. Kyla was wonderful! It was my first experience with acupuncture & she made me feel very comfortable. She listened, asked a lot of questions & explained everything thoroughly. She was able to pinpoint my symptoms without me even telling her. I felt amazing after, very refreshed & open.” - Lynette H.

“Kyla put me completely at ease and was a wealth of knowledge. Not only did I feel she was skilled as an acupuncturist, but she also really listened and gave great overall health suggestions. I will never look at food the same way! Can't wait to go back.”- Crystal S.

"I highly recommend Urban Acupuncture for those who not only have an injury, but also those who want to prevent injuries. I was very impressed with Kyla’s knowledge of health and nutrition, as well as eastern medicine. I will definitely be using her services in the future!"

"I had my first acupuncture session. I have to admit that I was a little anxious about the process. Kyla was great! She explained the process to me and showed me the little acupuncture needles. They are super-thin and flexible. I thought it would be painful but it turned out to be a very relaxing experience. I always said that I would never do acupuncture. My perception of acupuncture was completely flawed versus what it really is…..just goes to show how some perceptions can be totally misleading, unwarranted and misinformed. I will definitely return for future sessions!"

"After years of curiosity, I finally decided to try acupuncture. I am glad that I chose Urban Acupuncture for my first experience. It was so much more than what I expected. Kyla spends quality time getting to know your issues and consulting you regarding your health, diet and stress. It was truly a fantastic experience. I was surprised by how you barely notice the presence of the needles. I was even more surprised by the quick results from the first session. Urban Acupuncture is class act and highly recommended!"

"I originally decided to come to Urban Acupuncture after buying a youswoop deal. I had always wanted to try acupuncture, but I was skeptical it would work and worried about the cost. However, my migraine headaches and neck and shoulder pain had become a chronic, daily problem that pain relievers, chiropractors, and regular massages could not relieve, and I was willing to try anything.

However, that seems like so long ago, as I have now been seeing Kyla weekly for 5 months migraine-free! Kyla is patient and thorough in her care. She really listens to you and uses a variety of techniques to help you through any health problem, including herbal therapy, gua sha, aromatherapy, diet analysis, and cupping in addition to needle therapy. Since curing my migraines, she has also helped me control my anxiety and boost my immune system.  I really appreciate her personalized care in helping me become a healthier and happier person!"


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