Holistically Minded

I am so grateful for the healing, compassion, and wise advice you gave me. It has made me realize that I want to find a more holistic western med doctor/PCP so that over time, I can get off of some of my medications and live a healthy life in a more natural way.

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Stress Relief

This is my third week going to Kyla. Since the first day, I have been feeling more relaxed, more focus, refreshed, and with more energy. I have also found myself more optimistic, with a more positive view of life, which has really surprised me since I am flying overseas soon and that really stresses me out. This is a bonus

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Benefits of long term care


Kyla has taken care of me for the last three and a half years at which time I had

just had a mastectomy on my left breast.  This was my third cancer. . .the first two

cancers left me in quite a weakened state due to the hard chemos and radiation

treatments.  There is no post-chemo help in

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Help for the Anxiety Stricken

Coming to Kyla for regular acupuncture has dramatically changed my life. I have suffered from severe anxiety my entire life, and until I started seeing Kyla nothing, apart from taking Xanax daily, was helping. I have now been panic attack free for almost a year! I have also always had a fear of flying, needing to take Xanax to get

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