Heart shape in a bush

Valentine’s Day, TCM and Heart Health

February 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Valentine’s Day, TCM and Heart Health

Every February men all over the world flock to the local flower shops and jewelry stores in search of the perfect bouquet or piece of jewelry to express their undying love to their significant other. Why?  Nobody knows for certain, but there are at least a couple of theories. One theory is a Catholic priest,…

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Sun coming through a snowy day

How to End Seasonal Affective Disorder and Start Loving Winter

January 28, 2013 / Comments Off on How to End Seasonal Affective Disorder and Start Loving Winter

Many people feel down as winter approaches.  It’s dark.  It’s cold. The holidays can be stressful. But for some people every winter is unbearable.  They’re tired and depressed.  They don’t want to get out of bed.  They snap at their families and binge on junk food. These people have seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Our moods…

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The Key to Staying Healthy

November 26, 2012 / Comments Off on The Key to Staying Healthy

If you live in a rainy area, the odds are pretty good that your automobile will develop some body damage over its lifetime.  Does this mean that you never wash your car because it’s going to rust out anyway?  Of course it doesn’t.  If you care about your car, it means that you’ll fight extra…

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What is health?

November 12, 2012 / Comments Off on What is health?

What does it mean to be healthy?  Health is a state of optimum physical functioning, spiritual enlightenment, social well-being, and mental aptitude.  True health is so much more than settling for mediocrity.  It’s not about living life just barely above the doldrums, or hoping against hope that you won’t get sick or that you’ll finally…

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